Linux is the OS of choice for me especially when I am doing testing, development and setting up lab. Not only are they open source which means most of the features and capability are free. It is also very suitable for people with different level of skill sets. Whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Command lines can be daunting or unpopular with most beginners, but I would say if you really want to dive deeper into the inner working of the Cyber world or the new Web 3. Understanding how operating system works or even understanding packets and how protocol such as TCP and UDP works. Linux is the OS that can really help you achieve that. Whether you are doing a TCP Dump, recompiling and stripping down the kernel for IoT (internet or things), Rasberry PI and etc.

If you are developing a career in Cyber Security. Linux is a great tool and a skill set that you should really get familiar and comfortable with.

Do stay tune for more article relating to Linux as I continue to learn and sharpen my skill sets and in the process share my learning with you.